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Working Bibliography of Autobiographies

The History of the Study of Antiquity through the Lens of Autobiography 

A Working Bibliography 

(version 09.15.2017 - 244 items) 

Charles E. Jones 

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  1. The list includes Shanks and Vermes (who recounted his interesting adventures more than once, including the mistaken claim that his was the first Scrolls PhD, though Samuel Iwry, 1951, Johns Hopkins U. with Albright as advisor, "The Damascus Document and the Dead Sea Scrolls" was earlier). That brings to mind some other Dead Sea Scrolls related items. Though John C. Trever may be remembered more for photography than scholarship, his The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Personal Account (revised ed. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1977) reports much of interest. So does the sometimes overlooked William Brownlee, "My Eight Years of Scroll Research," Duke Divinity School Bulletin 21.3 (1956) 68-81
    Yigael Yadin presented excerpts from the diary of his father E. L. Sukenik in the Sukenik Eretz Israel vol. 8 (1967) (and used it also in his Message of the Scrolls), with a different perspective than Brownlee/Trever--and some different chronology. Even Weston Field's Dead Sea Scrolls: A Full History: Volume One: 1947-1960 (Leiden: Brill, 2009), though it includes many interviews and documents, leaves some matters unsettled. E.g., what two Hebrew University librarians, early on, dismissed some Cave One scrolls as unimportant? (Fields wrote that there may have been two distinct and separate caves conflated into Cave One, btw.) The great Gershom Scholem, who may not fit the "Ancient" category (he was rather disinterested in Assyriology and, curiously, also Qumran mss), and who may not have been one of those librarians, in any case, wrote a fine memoir, From Berlin to Jerusalem (New York: Schocken,1980, tr. from German).

  2. An impressive start! Three more possibilities: Rudolf Sellheim, "Autobiographische Aufzeichnungen und Erinnerungen von Carl Brockelmann", Oriens 27 (1981): 1-65; Hinrich Biesterfeldt, "E. Littmann — Leben und Arbeit: Ein autobiographisches Fragment (1875-1904)," Oriens 29-30, 1986, 1-101; and Hinrich Biesterfeldt, "Franz Rosenthal’s Half an Autobiography," Welt des Islams 54 (2014): 34-105.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. The above comment reminded me of another one:
    Mark Lidzbarski's. Auf rauhem Wege: Jugenderinnerungen eines deutschen professors. (Giessen: A. Töpelmann, 1927).

    You can find a digitized copy here:$b386257;view=1up;seq=7

  5. I like this project/blog. I added it to my blog, see here also for a comment about adding Taha Hussein's autobiography to the working bibliography:

    1. Thanks very much. I'll certainly add "The Days", and feel free to send me ant other autobiographies you may discover

  6. I don't know if you're still adding to this list, but here is another – Samuel Iwry's autobiography: To Wear the Dust of War.

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