Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fragment: "pretty self-explanatory"

Fragment from: Katz, Karl. The Exhibitionist: Living Museums, Loving Museums. New York: The Overlook Press, 2016.
Based on my brief visit [to Israel] in 1950, I thought I knew what to expect. True, I'd never done archaeological fieldwork, but digging things up seemed pretty self-explanatory. During my stopover in London, en route to Israel, I went to Picadilly Circus and bought the perfunctory archaeologist outfit at Lilywhites: boots, khakis, a hat with a peak, shirts with at least twelve pockets. Armed with the proper uniform, I boarded a plane to Tel Aviv via Cyprus, ready to start digging up Israel's past.
The Rabiowitz Fellowship would hold many twists and turns - excavating on secret air bases, sneaking into Egypt, accidentally getting engaged to an Iranian. But the biggest surprise of all was that along with my excavations into Israel's long history, very soon I would start building its future.
p. 27

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