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Fragments: Same as it ever was,,,

Milton Anastos on plagiarism in Anastos, Milton V. “The Life of Learning.” In The Life of Learning, Edited by Douglas Greenberg and Stanley Katz with the  Assistance of Candace Frede, 37–52. New York: Oxford University Press, 1994.

But in our personal devotion and feeling of gratitude to our instructors lurks a great danger which I mention now with some trepidation. Young students in their enthusiasm are often exploited by their seniors. I myself suffered two frustrating experiences, to which I must briefly allude. Both of the professors involved in these episodes are now dead, and I suppress their names in this chronicle. De mortuis nil nisi malum. For one of them I wrote a whole book, consisting of texts (which I either constituted myself or revised and re-edited) and translations. These were brought together in a large and impressive volume in which I am mentioned briefly in the preface  without any acknowledgment of the extent of my contribution. The alleged author took over my work in its entirety, "jazzed up" my translations (as he told me orally) (without reference to the original texts), and added a few brief notes, and took the whole credit for the volume for himself.

The second of this pair of plagiarists I worked for for about four whole years collating and checking Greek manuscripts  to establish a critical text, but got no word of recognition except for one one brief sentence in the preface. Perhaps I may be forgiven if I remark that these few words. though gracious in themselves, were the very least reward that could have been offered for my long and selfless services, especially in view of the fact that many of out colleagues were aware of the extent of my efforts and had become restive about this kind of academic exploitation.

These were my first publications, and I now list them in my bibliography as "works written in collaboration with other scholars."
page 39-40.

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