Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fragment: Third Person Autobiography

Fragment from Albright, William Foxwell. “William Foxwell Albright.” In American Spiritual Autobiographies, Fifteen Self-Portraits. Edited by Lois Finkelstein, 156–81. New York: Harper, 1948.
In the following concise "spiritual autobiography", the subject will attempt to appraise his own development, in the light of the more pertinent facts of his education, following this sketch by a series of brief treatments of five interrelated themes where his present views have been most clearly influenced by the external facts of his education and experience. Couching the recital in the third person and omitting subjective  judgements on his own development on his own development as far as possible, he will bear in mind that the reader will scarcely be interested in any biographical detail except in so far as it throws convincing light on the main theme.
page 157.

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